With A Basic Cremation, you work directly with the crematory.  This the most economical and convenient way to arrange cremation.  All arrangements can be handled by email, fax or mail, so there is never a need for you to meet with us.  

How the A Basic Cremation process works:

1.  If death has occurred or is imminent, our name should be given to the hospital, nursing home, or hospice.  They will then contact us (24 hours a day), and we will remove the deceased and transport them to our crematory in Denver.   If death has occurred and the decedent is at a coroner, we will send you a release form to sign the next business day.

2.  Fill out our Online Arrangement Form: Online Arrangement Form

3. A representative from A Basic Cremation will contact you during regular business hours to review your wishes and assign you a dedicated A Basic Cremation arranger to work with you throughout the process by email, fax or mail.

For those on Medicaid, SSI, or receiving county assistance, please contact us for financial help. 

If you wish to pre-arrange or pre-pay for cremation, please call us for more information.