*We will receive the information you submit during normal business hours. If you need urgent assistance, please call 303-234-0354.  If you wish to pre-arrange cremation, please contact our office during normal business hours for more information.


For those on Medicaid, SSI, or county assistance, help may be available.  Please contact us at (303) 234-0354 for more information. 

Basic Cremation = $575

Includes: Local transportation from place of death to our crematory, cremation, cremation container, obtaining cremation permit, notification to Social Security and polymer urn. For areas outside of Metro Denver, please call us.

Urn Options - Choose one of the following:
 polymer urnother urn
Basic plastic urn = $0.00
(included in cost of A Basic Cremation)
I'm interested in other urns (View our other urns HERE)
Decedent’s Information – (To be used for Death Certificate):
  First Name
Middle name (if none, leave blank)
Last Name
  Location of deceased (if at our facility, leave blank)
  Date of death (MM/DD/YYYY)
Social security number (XXX-XX-XXXX)
  Place of death (include name of facility or address)
  Place of birth
Date of birth
  Was decedent in U.S. Armed Forces?
Total years of education:
  Occupation (county will not accept "retired" or "disabled")
  Kind of business or industry
  Marital Status (choose one)
MarriedNever Married WidowedDivorced
  Decedent's Address (include city and zip code)
  Hispanic Origin?

  Father's first name
Father's middle name
Father's last name
  Mother's first name
Mother's middle name
Mother's last name
  Mother's maiden name
  Name of person providing this information
Relationship to deceased
  Informant's address (include city and zip code)
Number of death certificates (county charges $20 for first certificate, $13 ea. additional):  
  Telephone number (XXX-XXX-XXXX)
Email address
Authorizing the Cremation

Unless cremation was previously authorized by deceased, no cremation may take place without written authorization from the Deceased’s next of kin or legal representative*.

*If deceased pre-authorized, certain criteria must be met.

Name of next of kin or legal representative

Relationship to deceased

Is decedent currently married?

Does the decedent have any children?


Disposition of Ashes

Please select one
Pick up at A Basic Cremation  =  $0.00Mail  =  $95Local delivery  =  $75

Check here if deceased was on Medicaid, SSI, indigent, or receiving county assistance
(Financial help may be available)

If you wish to receive more information on the gift of whole body donation and no-cost cremation, check here

(A brief, research-based whole body donation program focusing on the advancement of medicine and education.) Cremation is free and ashes are returned to the family.
  What happens next? A representative from A Basic Cremation will contact you during regular business hours. If you need urgent after-hours assistance, please contact us.